About Onelamp

Onelamp’s goal is to put a solar light bulb in every offgrid household in Uganda by 2020.

Energy Poverty – Global Challenge

An estimated 600 million individuals in sub-Saharan Africa light their homes at night using kerosene lamps. They are dim, cost about $50 per year to keep fueled, create poor indoor air quality, consume fossil fuels, and cause fires and injuries among children.

Over 86% of Uganda’s population; 5 million households live in rural locations; of these, 94% are without access to electricity and rely almost entirely on Kerosene. Poor households in urban areas spend one quarter of their income on energy per month, while those in rural areas spend a little less, at 21%. Most of their energy budget goes toward fuels such as paraffin, firewood and charcoal (UNCDF, 2013). There are 3.3 million rural households that use locally made kerosene lanterns called tadoobas for lighting and 2.4 million students age 13-19 study with the Kerosene lamps after dusk.

Our solution

Onelamp lights the way to a better quality of life and economic opportunity for 5m offgrid households that kerosene lanterns for lighting. Our end users include households, small enterprises, students and institutions of learning currently using kerosene lanterns for at least 2-6 hours per day.

Our innovative solar products provide clean, safe and affordable energy, powered by the sun. They; extend the working day for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), thus expanding production, enriching income opportunities, improving working conditions, and increasing customers. They enhance safety and security via outdoor lighting for personal, business, and community activities. They also avert harmful emissions from kerosene and other fuel based lighting alternatives in households and business that contribute to harmful health issues and environmental damage.