Social Impact

Educationaand solar

Fuels for lighting and cooking, energy consume up to 50% of household incomes in sub-Saharan Africa and as long as families are dependent on non-renewable energy sources, they cannot lift themselves out of poverty. At the heart of Onelamp value proposition is the promise of a clean energy lamp that provides more light, at a lower long term cost with healthy and environmental benefits. We distribute differentiated products for all our customer groups depending on their light amount requirements and purpose. We measure our impact in four areas--financial freedom, productivity gains, education and environmental safety. Onelamp focuses on superior delivery and deployment of mobile phone technology for payments, as opposed to product development.


In 6 months we have been able to provide 1,125 offgrid households with affordable, clean, safe and efficient lighting technology saving families $68,700 that could have gone to kerosene expenditures. We also believe that education and solar energy should go hand in hand as the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty plaguing rural communities in Uganda. With access to bright, safe, clean and free light using the 180 or N182 solar light bulbs, school going children are doing an extra 2 hours of homework, on average, each day. We have provided extra 89,790 hours for students to read after night fall using the student bulbs.


According to UNEP one kerosene lamp emits up to 200kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year. With a solar light bulb, families reduce or eliminate their use of kerosene lamps, reducing CO2 emissions and benefitting the environment. In 6 months we have been able to avert 225,500KG of carbon dioxide emissions by distributing 1,125 solar light bulbs.Off-grid households in Uganda consume on average 6.8 litres of kerosene monthly. Our follow up research with solar light bulb customers shows that on average a family does replace the regular use of kerosene lamps as a result of purchasing that solar light bulb, and that is predominantly with the N220.