Onelamp lights the way to a better quality of life and economic opportunity for offgrid households that use kerosene lanterns for lighting. Our innovative solar products provide clean, safer and affordable energy, powered by the sun. The household solar light bulb with brightness of 31 lumens enhances safety and security via indoor & outdoor lighting for personal, home, and community activities. It also enables Off-grid families to release the 25% of total household income which is spent on purchasing kerosene to be used on health, education and clothing needs.  For rural students, we have the N182 solar light bulb with a runtime of 6 hours. For small enterprises, the N202 provides upto 6 hours of bright clean illumination to continue serving customers after sunset.

Do get in touch – we want to hear from you! Email: or visit our regional customer service center located on plot 53 Lubas Road, Jinja, Uganda. You can also call us on Telephone: +256 - 434 660 875, Mobile :256792335893