Over 600m Africans spend $10B annually on kerosene lamps. An estimated 85 million individuals in East Africa light their homes at night using kerosene lamps. They are dim, cost about $50 per year to keep fueled, create poor indoor air quality, consume fossil fuels, and cause house fires and injuries among children. Onelamp targets the offgrid market in East Africa and already kick started operations in Uganda. Electricity access is at 12% in Uganda (more than 27 million people with- out access), 14% in Tanzania (nearly 38 million without access), 18% in Kenya (more than 32 million without access).

Onelamp uses the power of mobile SMS to aggregate demand for clean energy at the bottom of the pyramid while reducing; supply chain inefficiencies, providing quality aftersales service and saving offgrid households the time and money currently spent travelling to central markets to purchase dangerous kerosene for lighting. SMS & USSD technology is available on every GSM-enabled mobile phone and allows Onelamp to reach directly potential offgrid customers scattered in rural villages and in urban slums cross the country without internet access or grid connection. East Africa has more than 75 million mobile subscribers; 61% of Kenyans, 42% of Ugandans and 39% of Tanzanians are using their cell phones to make payments. Also 80% of East Africans use their mobile phone to send text messages.